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Jose Lambiet Leaves Radar Online, Returns to SoFla (Refuses to Apologize for Octomom Bikini Photos)

When gossip columnist Jose Lambiet left the Palm Beach Post in April to head up the national celebrity news and gossip site Radar Online, power brokers in South Florida breathed sighs of relief, thinking that their unsavory dealings and unbecoming shenanigans might now go unreported. One was heard to say sarcastically, "Great! Where are we going to get all the sleaze now?" (The Pulp, duh!)

Well, just as they said when Child's Play 2 came out and Chucky returned for a second horror show, "He's baaaaaack!"

Lambiet has left the Radar gig and returned to the 561. 

Reached by phone, Lambiet says that

cross-country commuting took its toll (although the site was founded in Delray Beach, its reporters are based in Los Angeles).

We asked if he left Radar on good terms. "Absolutely," he said. "It wasn't a mistake for me to go, but I missed being away from my family and Florida.  I'm a Florida boy."

He said he is currently pursuing a few avenues through which he will continue to sling his particular brand of local news and gossip. He may launch Page 2 Live as its own entity, separate from the Post.

Lambiet cited a few of the big stories that Radar covered heavily during his tenure: Lindsay Lohan in court, Osama bin Laden's death, Arnold Schwarzennegger's love child.

Wait a sec.... Does this mean Lambiet is responsible for bestowing on the world pictures of Nadya Suleman, the "Octo-mom," in a bikini?

He accepted the blame (credit?) with no apology. "She actually looked pretty fucking good for an Octomom -- and you can quote me on that!"

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