Joyce Kaufman to Allen West: Don't Start Drinking Your Own "Harriet Tubwater"

Well, it looks like we hadn't heard the last words about Rep. Allen West -- the self-proclaimed "modern-day Harriet Tubman" -- saying that he was starting his own "underground railroad" to get black people away from the "21st-century plantation."

Thanks to conservative radio host Joyce Kaufman from WFTL-AM (850), we have another wonderful sound bite from an interview with the congressman, and we actually had to wait until the show's podcast was released so we could verify that what we heard was real.

And indeed, our ears did not deceive us, Kaufman told West, "Please don't start drinking your own Harriet Tubwater."

That caused what was probably the longest one second of silence in the history of the spoken word until West responded with his signature chuckle.

"I have to admire Harriet Tubman for what she did, and that's why I used that parallel," West said. "But no, I won't be drinking my own Harriet Tubwater."

Kaufman responded, "That's a little lofty there; just scale it down a little... Just take it down a notch from Harriet Tubman."

Kaufman said she'd "been waiting all week" to use the "Harriet Tubwater" line to West.

Earlier in the interview, Kaufman also told West she thought he had mistimed his "NUTS!" reference in his letter to the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and should have saved the phrase for something more important.

The interview can be found on the August 19 episode in Kaufman's podcast archive here. West comes on a little after the 66-minute mark, and the "Harriet Tubwater" conversation takes place around 84 minutes.

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