Joyce Kaufman Whips Publix's Butt Over Free Calendar

WFTL's Joyce Kaufman is getting pretty good at managing political stunts. A couple of years ago she collected thousands of shoes to take to Washington to protest illegal immigration. That same year she switched parties -- from Democrat to Republican -- on the air.

And last week Kaufman kicked up such a stink about a free calendar Publix was publishing and distributing for the new year that the grocery chain pulled the calendar and said it won't reissue another one until next year.

Publix's calendars, which they've been printing for  years, commemorate holidays, including the Islamic New Year (Muharram), which happens to fall on December 7 in 2010. Unfortunately for Publix, and perhaps for World War II vets, that's the same day as Pearl Harbor Day. Kaufman was incensed on behalf of vets since the calendar failed to honor the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She was worried that vets would "be disappointed," she said.

Kauffman's not a big fan of Muslims, anyway. ""I am obsessed with exposing radical Islam," she told New Times when we talked a few months ago. So Kaufman got to have her cake and eat it too: take a jab at Muslims and stick up for American vets in one go.

In response to the flap, a Publix spokesperson told the St. Pete Times that Publix isn't exactly backing down. They'll include Pearl Harbor day next year, but they're not dropping the Islamic New Year, either. 

Next year Muharram falls on November 26. Heads up to Publix, just to ward off future Kaufman screeds: November 26 also happens to be "Shopping Reminder Day," another great American institution, and the birthdays of Robert Goulet and Tina Turner. We don't care one way or the other about Goulet, but we really wouldn't want Tina to be disappointed.  

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