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Jozy Altidore Celebrates U.S. Win Over Algeria With NFL Star, Superhuman Ability to Fly

U.S. soccer fans are probably still feeling the euphoric afterglow of Landon Donovan's amazing, game-winning, team-advancing, legend-making goal yesterday against Algeria.

Of course, the goal was set up by a crisp cross from the best soccer player South Florida has ever produced, 20-year-old Boca Raton product Jozy Altidore.

And how did Jozy celebrate the landmark victory?

By first soaring through the air like Michael Jordan -- into a pile of teammates (photo after the jump), then by hanging out Super Bowl-winning New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush (as seen on the left), then by joking about the open goal he missed during the anxious moments before Donovan scored.

You can see Jozy here leaping through the air, propelled by, well, the adrenaline of a 20-year-old soccer player who just helped his country win its first round group in the World Cup.

The moment was so big, even Bush, in South Africa to watch the Cup (and possibly to escape the heat he's feeling stateside) couldn't help but ask Jozy to pose for a photo with him after the game. Bush then posted the photo to his Twitter page.

Later, a fan asked Jozy, also via Twitter, how he could have missed the yawning goal early in the second half.

"I still don't know!! At least I can laugh at it now," Jozy replied, "but if we lost, not so much. lol"

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Michael J. Mooney