Judge Orders New Trial for John Goodman

After weeks of anticipation, it looks like John Goodman is going to get another trial. The "polo mogul" -- which, if you translate that into middle-class English, means rich dude with nothing better to do all day -- wasn't given a fair shake in his original courtroom appearance, a Palm Beach County judge determined today.

It's all thanks to Dennis DeMartin, the 69-year-old Goodman trial juror who failed to tell attorneys that his own wife had a previous DUI. Today a judge ruled that the missing information was enough to call for a redo. Incidentally, DeMartin is quite a character. He self-published a book about the trial and conducted vodka experiments.

To recap, a boozed-up Goodman wrecked his Bentley in February 2010, killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson.


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