Judge Strikes Down Voter-Backed Term Limits

On a day when voters are going to the polls to show their power, a Broward County Circuit judge has decided to take it away from them.

Broward Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips has struck down term limits for Broward County commissioners as unconstitutional after voters went to the polls in overwhelming numbers to install them in a 1992 referendum.

Not that it's surprising coming from Phillips. This is a woman who married former Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle, a man who opposed term limits himself before being term-limited out of office and whose basic world view is unbridled wealth for the few while the masses walk the elites' dogs and manicure their lawns. Why should the voters' wishes count here?

UPDATED: The Sentinel got the ruling and published a snippet of it that helps confirm the worst fears about the ruling. Here's what Phillips wrote: "This is not about this Court's satisfaction or dissatisfaction with

commissioners. Term limits are available at this time, each election and the voters have the undeniable right, pursuant to the Constitution, to re-elect or vote them out or, as seen recently in this county, by indictment.''

Not very objective there, Judge Phillips. It's clear from these fallacious words alone that she has a personal bias against term limits. Voting and term limits aren't one and the same. Ask George Washington about that. Also, she's obviously wrong to say that oters have a say over indictments -- that's federal and state prosecutors' jurisdiction.  

Make no mistake, this is a bad ruling on a number of levels. You have to expect -- or demand -- that Broward County and the supervisor of elections will appeal this one.

All that said, this is a clear victory for attorney Bill Scherer and maybe for John Rodstrom, who was term-limited in 2012 and is the guy who is truly behind the lawsuit. Rodstrom supported the term-limits initiative -- until, that is, his term came up.

If Rodstrom runs in 2012 after this subversion of government, maybe the voters will show him that they do, indeed, have some say yet.

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Bob Norman
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