Juiced: A Week in One Gulp

No hurricanes hit Florida but we had a blizzard of activity here at Juice.

Local health care forums have been battle royals. We showed you video of the magic loogie that flew outside a town hall in Stuart. At Delray Beach, we listened patiently to the arguments of health care reform's opponents. And we aired the video of the woman who made video of the photographers who took her picture in Boyton Beach. Little was learned, but not for lack of effort!

The effort was found lacking, however, in another local endeavor full of political influence, as Deerfield Beach firefighters were allowed to investigate themselves, with predictable results.

We told you about a Broward Sheriff's deputy who's suing the Florida Department of Corrections for failing to supervise the convicted felon who shot the deputy during a traffic stop. Meanwhile, the search for suspected felons was hampered by efforts to be politically correct.

A Hollywood supplement maker hounded by critical media reports will now be hunted by Oprah's attorneys.

That line of legal work offers much more stability than the kind at Broward Health, where the general counsel's office needs a revolving door. Commissioner Robert Bernstein wouldn't tell us how he learned the information that led to the firing of the hospital district's two lead attorneys, so we took a closer look at his friends in the legal community. Judging by how much they're paying the district's lawyers now, frugality was eliminated as a possible' motive for commissioners' firing their former lawyers.

The New Times feature about zoophiles triggered a lengthy conversation between readers critical of that community and zoophiles who made their case in this comments thread.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.