Juiced: A Week in One Gulp

Here's your weekly serving of Florida's best -- not from concentrate:

  • We were all over the alleged mega-millions swindle by Scott Rothstein. Look here, here, and here.
  • On our blog and in our print feature, Gail Shepherd is taking on Internet crooks, playing a little trick on them for a change. The Yahoo-yahoo boys are going down.
  • Attention all politicians: The death of a woman who went in for a simple lipo cosmetic procedure is sparking a big debate as to whether these types of procedures should be performed in a hospital setting. Read more here.

  • How can we forget Boynton Beach's wasted mailman who blew an astronomical .264 on the Breathalyzer while on the job? Not taking a cue from Jamie Fox's hit song "Blame It On the Alcohol," this mailman's blaming it on the mouthwash.
  • The Donald is in hot water. Trump is taking on a new starring role -- in a lawsuit, not reality TV. Several to be exact. Apparently two condo plans with the tycoon's name attached are going under, and buyers and investors are none too pleased the only thing Trump had to do with the plans was the lending of his name.

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