Juiced: The Week in a Gulp

Here's what we covered this past week on Juice:

  • A fresh batch of controversy this week for Judge John "Jay" Hurley, who for months has been receiving anonymous, spam-style praise in the comment threads of New Times blogs. Eric Barton traced a number of those messages to an IP address in the office where Hurley's campaign treasurer works.
  • It was a rowdy week in Pompano Beach, where new City Manager Dennis Beach has recommended that the city drop its contract with Broward Sheriff's Office. Despite a rowdy meeting Tuesday, Beach told Juice that he remains sure of his decision, no matter the political consequences. BSO may be anxious that Pompano's departure would lead other cities, like Deerfield Beach, to abandon the agency.
  • Two fathers. Two tragic stories of infant children dying in hot cars. So why did an immigrant like Antonio Balta get 20 years in prison, while a dentist in Parkland got only probation?
  • If foreclosures are so high in Palm Beach County and if CityPlace already has a huge tower with 420 vacancies, then why are Palm Beach County commissioners so keen on the idea of building a new hotel rather than converting that tower?
  • The resignation of Patrick Maloney, CEO of the Coral Springs Medical Center, suggests that he'd found himself in a political no-man's land after the ouster of reform-minded Broward Health commissioners by Gov. Charlie Crist.

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