Juiced: The Week in One Gulp

Here's a recap of what loyal readers learned this week -- and what sporatic readers may have missed:

  • Michael Dippolito, the target in an alleged murder plot by a gold-digging wife, has a warrant for his arrest that dates to 1993 -- and it's active.
  • The University of Tennessee is under investigation for recruiting violations, and it appears a matter of time till those investigators have a chat with Nu'Keese Richardson, the former Pahokee star who was kicked out of that school after just one year.
  • Apparently inclined to add insult to injury, attorneys for Jeffrey Epstein earned a scolding from a federal magistrate based on their invasive questions of young women suing Epstein for sexually assaulting them.
  • Broward Health Commissioner Joseph Cobo, currently under investigation for criminal corruption, was nevertheless named to the host committee for a Charlie Crist fundraiser next week in West Broward, only to have his name struck from that committee after Juice's report.

On the same day that Florida Memorial University made the cover of New Times for its history of violent crime, that campus was rocked by a stabbing report at a frat party.

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