Juiced: The Week in One Gulp

We had a colorful start to the week here on Juice, thanks to Lisa Rab's slideshow capturing all the pageantry of the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. Here's a look at what else we covered this past week on your Broward/Palm Beach news blog:

  • Congressional candidate Allen West compared the religion of Islam to Nazism.
  • A couple of questionable contracts suggest that the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority deserves a house-cleaning by its sponsors at City Hall.
  • Leroy McGee is the first inmate eligible to receive payment through the Florida Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act, and this past week Devin Desjarlais caught up with him to find out how he's adjusting to his new freedom and financial prospects.
  • They may work on Worth Avenue, but employees of Palm Beach's Everglades Club absolutely cannot park on Worth Avenue. It would simply be too frightful a scene for the bluebloods on the Island.
  • And a scene this frightful, which occurred on Fort Lauderdale Beach, would probably bring a SWAT team if it happened in Palm Beach. Can that be arranged?
  • Blogger Wes Blackman was appalled to learn that Lake Worth Commissioner (and Eccentric-in-Chief) Cara Jennings was occasionally allowing fellow hippies to crash at her place, so he filed a complaint alleging her home was an illegal boarding house.

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