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Juliana Mensch Murder: Text Messages Between the Accused Killers

Update, 5/21: We've got the Google searches made from Okrzesik's phone the night of the murder. They're not nice at all. 

Original post, 5/14:
Police say 19-year-old Juliana Mensch was strangled to death March 23. A week later, 32-year-old James Ayers was arrested and charged with the murder after reportedly telling a friend that he strangled Mensch after his girlfriend tried to break Mensch's neck and failed. The couple left her body in a room Ayers was renting in Fort Lauderdale.

Last Thursday, police arrested the girlfriend, 23-year-old Nicole Okrzesik, who was in Port Saint Lucie.

When Okrzesik was confronted about the ordeal, police say she threw Ayers under the bus, telling them that the three of them were getting high the night of the murder, and after Mensch fell asleep, Ayers "without provocation jumped on top of Mensch" and killed her so he could get money out of her bra to spend on drugs.

After the murder, which police say was early on March 24, Ayers and Okrzesik reportedly exchanged "several hundred text messages." Here are some of the worst, in roughly chronological order. They start March 25, just before 4 p.m.

Ayers: I'm callin 911 remember your driving her car

Okrzesik: stop it

Ayers: Fuck it ill just call the cops

Okrzesik: Why the fuck would you do that and ruin both out lives when we can just get rid of the shit and move on

Ayers: You held her down remember, you better hurry, call me now

Okrzesik: Why are you blowing up my phone when I told you im driving

Ayers: I only did what I did to Julie for you but you still continue to be unfaithful

Okrzesik: Im being honest im scared of you

Ayers: Are you coming home, if not I'll just turn us both in

Okrzesik: im scared of you right now, ya I told you if you calm down I will

(Half an hour passes. 6:15 p.m.)

Ayers: You cool with a life sentence

Okrzesik: No I'm not stop it

Ayers: Don't make me ruin your life answer the fucking phone

Okrzesik: Then don't cause it will ruin your life to

Ayers: Not if you don't answer

Okrzesik: Stop its not worth it don't ruin your life and mine just cause your pissed

(Another half hour passes. It's 7 p.m.)

Ayers: I will testify against you if you don't call you aint coming home Anyway keep playing you have til 735

Okrzesik: fine

(At 7:45 p.m.)

Ayers: You held her down your guilty of murder to, you still wont answer that, I need the car so I can go get something, hellooooo, took me off your friends list too huh? Your new BF on there, gotta do what I gotta do, caught you in to many lies, you never did love me

Okrzesik: no, cause you went on mine, I do love you stop

Ayers: I'm serious, you have two min. dead body and all

Okrzesik: Wow wtf

(45 minutes later)

Ayers: We have a dead body in the house and you want to play?

Okrzesik: I'm not playing

(45 minutes later, 9:30 p.m.)

Ayers: What are we doing about the body, thanks for talking me into that by the way, don't you dare ignore me

Okrzesik: I'm not ignoring you

(More than two hours later, just after midnight on March 26:)

Ayers: Call me right now or I'm calling the police, I've given you plenty of Time, you know I'm serious, please don't call my bluff

Okrzesik: why the fuck would you ruin our lives over little shit

The two stopped texting later on March 26, and on March 27 Okrzesik checked herself into a rehab facility in Port Saint Lucie. Ayers was arrested March 28 at the West Broward Care Center rehab clinic reportedly threatening to kill himself.

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