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Just When Dunkin' Suspect Couldn't Get More Loathsome...

They've been known as the Dunkin' Bandits, and Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti tried to cast them as cold-blooded thugs, but maybe the Dunkin No-Nuts would be the most appropriate name for this band of spineless poseurs who got their rocks off shooting random, unarmed people.

Turns out these are not even the most cowardly deeds that one of these guys have been accused of. Here's a police report I found under Tharod Bell's name.

In September, police arrested Bell at his Fort Lauderdale residence for reportedly socking his pregnant 19-year-old girlfriend in the eye. According to the police report, Bell and the girlfriend had been dating for four months at the time; the couple had also conducted a home pregnancy test showing that she was one-month pregnant.

The girlfriend refused to provide police with a sworn taped statement, saying that she "did not want the father of her baby in jail."

At five-foot-eight and 240 pounds, 21-year-old Bell is built like a linebacker. His arms and right shoulder carry tattoos that read "one smoke" and "LAUGH NOW CRY LATER."

Bell gave his place of employment as Greyhound Bus Line and said he earned $1,200 a month. He requested representation from a public defender to fight this felony charge of aggravated battery on a pregnant person, explaining that his assets consisted of a mere $22 in cash. He denied punching his girlfriend.

The case was dismissed.

By way of refresher, Tharod Bell is the one who got busted Thursday trying to hop a boat to the Bahamas with his 18-year-old brother, Charles Faustin. Two unidentified females drove them to Port Everglades to catch a cruise. Bell is reportedly on suicide watch at the main Broward County jail.

-- Amy Guthrie
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Amy Guthrie
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