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Justice Served

From Miami Herald
Easterling Gets Deserved Break

David Ovalle and Susannah A. Nesmith report in the Herald today that sex charges have been dropped against Antwain Easterling in favor of putting the football star in a program for youthful offenders. It's a common-sense solution to the problem of hitting young people (generally under 21) with statutory rape charges. The Pulp couldn't agree more.

With the discussion of the problems with student athletes below, the Herald, as if on cue, also reports on the 911 tapes related to the murder of University of Miami defensive lineman Bryan Pata. I'd briefly forgotten that UM, especially after the famous footbrawl with Florida International University and other storied problems, is the poster school for problem athletes. What the hell was Pata, a damn good football player with a scholarship and NFL potential, doing with a "cache of weapons and ammunition" in his apartment?

Just make sure Easterling doesn't head to Coral Gables for his higher ed.

After the jump: Adding to the Blogroll

You'll notice on the right over there that I added two more links to the blogroll. First is the link to Jim DeFede's site for his radio show on AM-940. I hadn't done it before because it's really not a blog, but it's never a bad idea, if you can't listen to his show, to keep up with what Jim is doing on a daily basis. He's got good instincts, people. (DeFede was also nice enough to link the Pulp a while back, though I just noticed that whoever typed it in has me down as "Bob Herman," which somehow does sound more like a radio name).

Also new on the roster is Eye On Miami which explains itself thusly:

"Revealing analysis of local news, supplementing the Miami Herald's anemic coverage of local Miami Dade politics. Open to new ideas, complaints, and review of the government process. Dedicated to ethical government in Miami Dade, saving tax dollars and a healthy environment. The goal is to break the chokehold of developers and lobbyists."

Definitely worth a morning perusal, too.

And, back to radio for a second, I'm gonna be on Barry Epstein's show on 1470-AM, which airs every Friday at 10 a.m., to talk about Lauderdale-By-The-Sea's political turmoil. You can listen live here. Read about it here and then the Sun-Sentinel folo by Melissa Hoyos.

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