Kansas City Chiefs Fans Lost Their Minds When the Dolphins Beat the Patriots

Chiefs fans were even chanting, "Let's go, Dolphins!" during the KC game.
Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins gave Chiefs fans what they wanted.
Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins gave Chiefs fans what they wanted. Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty
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Good morning, Miami — someone in Kansas City owes you some barbecue. The Dolphins and their fans will be waiting on our burnt ends, tri-tips, and brisket. A deal is a deal.

Heading into the final weekend of the NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs needed to beat the Los Angeles Chargers and needed the Miami Dolphins to beat the New England Patriots to secure a first-round playoff bye. The first part of that equation was certainly possible if not probable. The latter part, however, seemed about as likely as Dan Marino coming out of retirement to become the Dolphins' new punter.

Lo and behold, though, the Dolphins went to Foxboro and scored a last-minute touchdown to give the Chiefs a week off and the Patriots an extra game to play.

The Kansas City game was simultaneous to the showdown between the Dolphins and Patriots, so the Chiefs couldn't exactly kick back and drink a beer. Chiefs fans, however, could definitely do that. Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs' home field, made sure its fans were constantly updated with the Fins-Patriots score. At one point, Chiefs fans were even chanting, "Let's go, Dolphins!" during the game.
Minutes later, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins gave Chiefs fans what they wanted. Fitzpatrick drove the Dolphins all the way down the field to take a 27-24 lead with less than a minute remaining and hit Mike Gesicki with a five-yard touchdown pass.
Just as the Chiefs and their fans were celebrating their own team's score, fans and players got wind of what the Dolphins had just done in New England. To say they were happy about the news would be an understatement. The CBS announcer on the call for the Chiefs game, Kevin Harlan, provided viewers some extraordinary play-by-play for a game they couldn't see for themselves.
Inexplicably, the win over the Patriots means the Dolphins — who were blatantly doing their darnedest to lose earlier in the season and started losers of their first seven games — finish the year 5-11, and 5-4 in their last 9. The win also means the Dolphins won't be picking as high in the NFL Draft as they could have if they had lost the game. But nobody ever said watching the New England Patriots be sad comes free. 
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