Chiefs and 49ers, Not Ryan Tannehill, Head to Miami for Super Bowl LIV

Niners WR Richie James catches a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs on August 24, 2019.
Niners WR Richie James catches a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs on August 24, 2019. Photo by Peter Aiken / Getty
Miami Dolphins fans have grown accustomed to feeling nothing once the NFL playoffs begin. That's what happens to fans when their team hasn't won a postseason game in two decades. Apathy toward football has become very normal when the calendar flips to January.

That being said, watching former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill and the Tennesee Titans in this year's playoffs has been anything but the usual experience for Dolphins fans. And now, mercifully, the torture over: The Titans' surprising playoff run ended yesterday with a 35-24 loss to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Tannehill will not play in Miami's Super Bowl LIV.

Finally, Dolphins fans can cease fighting over Tannehill-related matters. Thankfully, everybody can now turn their attention to the teams that are playing in the Super Bowl February 2 — the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.
In light of the options prior to Sunday's championship games, Chiefs-49ers might actually be the sexiest matchup based on national interest. The game pits the Chiefs, an offensive juggernaut, against a 49ers team known for its defense and run-heavy offense.

Chiefs versus 49ers should be a lot of fun for the rest of the nation, but the intrigue and drama surrounding Tannehill returning to Miami for a Super Bowl with the Titans would have dominated the noise surrounding the big game locally. The Dolphins would have been mentioned far too often for a team that hasn't played football in a month.

It's probably better for Dolphins fans that didn't happen. Now we can all enjoy a stress-free Super Bowl. 
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