Karl and Me

Y'all may not know about South of the Suwannee. It's a blog done by an anonymous character who lives in north Broward. He also goes by Gator and has frequently commented on the Pulp in the past. Gator has reasonable intelligence, but he's definitely compromised in some way. You can tell because he gets all hot and bothered when someone goes after local politicians he likes. In general, he's a huge apologist for Democrats in his neck of the woods (Pompano Beach seems to be his base).

Now the little weasel is on the Jim Waldman bandwagon and wrote an attack on me this morning. Seems someone is sending copies of my stories about Waldman to voters in District 95. You can read them here and here.

Before you read those, read Gator's critique:

The articles are the usual Bob Norman smear-job: heavy on insinuations and suppositions but no proof. Much like Karl Rove,

Norman throws out charges and places the burden of proof on his victim.

For instance, Norman questions whether Waldman is a true Democrat since prior to 1982, he was a registered Republican. I guess he's been undercover for almost a quarter of a century.

According to Norman, Waldman's Democratic credentials are suspect because he has received campaign donations from some of his clients who are members of the GOP.

Another Norman tactic is to link Waldman to someone who has run afoul of the law, even though there is no evidence of wrong-doing on Waldman's part; in other words, guilt by association.

Now read the articles to see if they are fair game political coverage. In the first one, you'll see that Waldman got huge infusions of cash from GOP honchos. If you're a true Democrat, that's news. But more than that, it questioned whether or not he would be in Tallahassee to serve as a proxy for Art Keiser, the college chain owner (and major Republican) who has a long and less-than-honorable stake in state politics and relies on key legislation to keep his business profitable.

As for the fellow who "ran afoul of the law," for instance, was Bradley Hertz, who is a good buddy of Waldman's. Hertz, another Republican chum of Waldman, defrauded Medicare of more than $7 million. Waldman served as the registered agent for Waldman's fraudulent company and then, when Hertz went away to prison, he took over Hertz's business holdings, including his stake in O'Hara's Jazz Cafe. In other words, Waldman served as a straw owner for a felon and profited from a Medicare fraud artist's holdings.

Gator, this isn't Karl Rove territory (though I am strangely flattered to be compared to the dark prince of American politics), it's just solid, depthy journalism. And if you were an independent thinker rather than a political hack, you'd probably be able to recognize it.

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