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Karlos Dansby Changed His Mind About Being Unhappy About the Dolphins Releasing Chad Johnson

Yesterday morning, Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby went on Sid Rosenberg's morning show on 640 AM and said that the team releasing Chad Johnson is a bigger distraction than Johnson himself. Because Dansby figured the best thing he could possibly do to help avoid distractions was to go on sports talk radio to talk angrily about his bosses. 

Dansby told Rosenberg that he was upset about the whole Chad Johnson being released thing

Dansby, who called himself the best linebacker in the NFL when he came to Miami, even though he's played most of his career as a Dolphin like he's wearing a pair of chancletas, voiced his anger over the franchise not sticking with Chad.

"I hate that we didn't stand behind him," he told Sid. "I know the guys in the locker room would. But the organization felt a totally different way about the situation, and they probably had more information than we know. And they had to do what they had to do."

To be fair to Dansby, Johnson's release from the team did seem a tad abrupt. But many will argue that the team cutting ties with "Ochocinco" went beyond the embattled receiver's allegedly slamming his head against his wife's face. This run-in with his wife (pun!) and the law was probably the last straw for the team.

Although with the Dolphins' luck, Johnson will probably be found not guilty, go to the Jets, and have a career season.

This is the first time Johnson has run into legal problems since being in the NFL.

"The man don't drink," Dansby told Rosenberg. "The man don't smoke. He may clown around, but when it comes to football, he's all about football. That's his life. For him to be in this situation, that's unfortunate. And it's out of character."

Dansby added, "He didn't get that third strike. That's just me personally... We've been through worse. We've seen worse. That's not Chad. If anybody knows Chad, that's not Chad."

Mere hours after the 640 AM interview, however, Chancletas Dansby changed his tune about the whole thing, telling the HBO Hard Knocks people:

"That's any organization; any organization is not going to stand for that. The NFL period won't stand for it. The shield is what we are protecting at all times, so we just got to man up and be accountable for our actions."

This came after Head Coach Joe Philbin met with Dansby about the linebacker's radio comments. The Hard Knocks cameras picked up the convo:

"You have a boss; I have a boss," Philbin is heard saying to Dansby. "I don't always agree with what the boss says every single time. I'm of the opinion that you should keep things in-house in that regard."

That'll learn ya, Chancletas! 
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