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Karlos Dansby Says the 2012 Dolphins Have More Talent Than the 2008 Super Bowl Cardinals

The 1-2 Miami Dolphins are in Arizona this weekend to face the 3-0 first-place Cardinals.

During midweek interviews with the media, Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby, who was a member of the Cardinals 2008 Super Bowl team, told Arizona reporters that this current Dolphins team has more talent than that '08 Cards team.

Yep. So that happened.

Dansby, who leads the team in tackles as well as in illusions of grandeur, is no stranger to making bold, WTF-filled statements. In November of 2011, he told reporters that he's the best linebacker in the NFL.

But being cocky and believing in yourself is one thing.

Making a statement like the 2012 Dolphins having more talent than the 2008 Super Bowl Cardinals is taking the shit-eatery to the nth degree.

But, hey. Chancletas believes it. So it must be true. Facts be damned.

Here's a list of other things Dansby believes:

-Showgirls was vastly superior to The Godfather.

-Keanu Reeves is a better actor than Daniel Day-Lewis.

-Nickleback's Dark Horse > The Beatles White Album.

-Will take listening to his music on eight-track over anything digital any day.

-Two and a Half Men > Seinfeld and Cheers COMBINED.

-Sam Bowie was so much better than Michael Jordan. Not even close.

-New Coke > Classic Coke.

-Airline Salisbury steak over New York strip all dERRRRRRRR.

-Jeff Ireland: So much better at building champions than Pat Riley.

-The Yugo >>>> all other cars ever.

-That guitarist from Coldplay would run circles around Jimi Hendrix.

-Fifty Shades of Grey over anything by Mark Twain.

-Jay Leno? Funnier than George Carlin, Louis CK, and Richard Pryor.

-Flag Day > Christmas Day.

Chancletas gonna Chancletas.

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