Kayla "2 Drunk 2 Care" Mendoza Pleads Not Guilty

Kayla Mendoza, the 20-year-old woman who tweeted out "2 drunk 2 care" before driving a Hyundai Sonata the wrong way on the Sawgrass Expressway and crashing into a 2012 Toyota Camry, killing two people, pleaded not guilty during an arraignment hearing Tuesday morning.

Mendoza is charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and driving without a license, among other charges. She stands accused of causing the crash that killed Kaitlyn Ferrante and Marisa Catronio on November 17.

Mendoza's Twitter account has since been deleted.

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A search warrant filed by the Florida Highway Patrol in January had revealed that Mendoza had a blood-alcohol reading of .15 -- nearly twice the legal limit -- when she plowed into the victim's car that night. She had also been driving without a valid driver's license.

According to sworn affidavits, witnesses told FHP investigators that Mendoza had drinks at Tijuana Taxi Co. in Coral Springs with coworkers before driving her Hyundai Sonata the wrong way onto the Sawgrass Expressway that night.

Witnesses also told FHP they saw Mendoza driving fast into oncoming traffic, causing cars to swerve out of the way.

In a recent televised interview with Inside Edition, Mendoza admitted to not even remembering driving onto the Sawgrass. "How I ended up on the Sawgrass Expressway, I wish I knew," she said.

Medoza told Inside Edition that her boss knew that she was too young to drink legally but that the group of coworkers from the T-Mobile Store she worked at all partied into the night.

She said that when the drinking was over, her boss drove her to the T-Mobile parking lot and dropped her off at her car.

"I wish there was something I could say to make up for what happened," she said.

In all, she is facing eight criminal charges.

Last month, Broward Judge John "Jay" Hurley set Mendoza's bond at $600,000, though the families of Catronio and Ferrante had pleaded with him to deny bond.

"Kayla Mendoza killed my sister, and I don't think it's at all fair for her to be set free and have any bond," Ashley Ferrante, the sister of one of the girls killed in the collision, told Hurley during last month's court appearance.

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