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Keith Olbermann Needs to Lighten the Hell Up About Media Coverage of LeBron's 61-Point Game

ESPN Large Talking Head Person Keith Olbermann went on his show last night to wag his tsk-tsk finger at the media for hyperboling LeBron James' 61-point performance on Monday night.

In a segment called "The Greatest Game Ever Played... for One Day," Olbermann comes full circle on GRANDPA IS MAKING LOUD ANGRY NOIZES AGAIN and inexplicably eviscerates the sports media for overdoing it on talking about how great LeBron's performance was.

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Olbermann is insanely thin-skinned and usually takes on Twitter followers who troll him by writing "Bye Felicia!" before hitting that block button.

But to Keith, we say:

First off, Olbermann cites this quote from Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report's comparison between LeBron and Joe DiMaggio:

The truly gifted are capable, when giving their all, of showing the audience something they won't see from anyone else ever again. I am well aware of this, from my time covering sports' most compelling current team, featuring the most dynamic active athlete.

Olbermann takes that snippet, reads it in mocking voice, and then hints that Skolnick failed to see how Carmelo Anthony scored 62 weeks ago and guns after the hyperbolic nature of the sentence.


If Olbermann had bothered to read the piece instead of having some poor terrified intern do it, he'd see the entire piece was based on Skolnick -- who is the head Miami Heat writer for B/R -- missing the game because he took the night off to take his pregnant wife to Costco.

Ethan's point: A special player like LeBron can do something great on any given night, so best not to blink.

The only comparison Skolnick makes to DiMaggio is that the Yankee great once said he plays hard every day because he never knows when a kid out there might be at a game for the first time in his life. LeBron has echoed that sentiment, saying he plays hard every night for the kids.


Secondly, no one anywhere wrote that this was the most spectacular thing that ever happened to the world of pro basketball.

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