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Ken Jenne, What About Those Legal Bills?

When trouble brewed, former Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne was quick to spend our tax  dollars on lawyers to try to help him get out of trouble.

Most infamously, he engineered the payment of $1.2 million to his good friend and political supporter Tom Panza to "investigate" the Powertrac scandal, wherein BSO falsely cleared cases to make it look like they were doing a great job. Panza's report exonerated the sheriff of any wrongdoing. Surprise.

It's one of the most breathtaking hornswagglings of the public I've ever seen, but it was only the beginning. When the feds began to investigate Jenne for tax evasion and mail fraud -- crimes largely unrelated to his duties -- he hired Guy Lewis and other attorneys, who were paid nearly $400,000.    

At the same time, lower-level deputies, like Lee Martin, were being scapegoated for the Powertrac mess. Martin was charged with falsifying reports and official misconduct for his role in clearing cases. After more than two years of hell, the charges were dropped and he was exonerated in arbitration. Now he's back at work (like Jenne, who got a sweet job with Republican attorney Scott Rothstein after he got out of prison).

But he still owes $100,000 in legal bills to his attorney, Alberto Milian, who is trying to get BSO to pay the fees instead of Martin. One lawyer's bill he looked at was Raag Singhal, who represented Jenne's two secretaries. Jenne hid a $20,000 loan that came from developer Philip Procacci through the two women. Singhal made the best of it, billing the sheriff's office at least $83,000 for his work.

The total amount of the legal bills footed by the public for Jenne's incompetence, failed policies, and misconduct now totals nearly $1.7 million. You have to wonder what we don't know about.

-- Also, the Hollywood Police Department "solved" the Adam Walsh murder today. So what's the new bombshell evidence? Nothing.


This is crap, people, a crocked up clearance worthy of Powertrac. It was done to refute the evidence gathered by local writer Art Harris showing that Jeffrey Dahmer may very well be the culprit. Read this for the back story. Look, this could either way, but my money is still on Dahmer, since today changed ... absolutely nothing. The Pulp's liquified sister, The Juice, feels similarly.

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