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Kenneth Martin Sarsony Identified by Ocala Cops as the Serial Pooper

The cops caught the crapper -- Ocala police say 23-year-old Kenneth Martin Sarsony is the man they believe pooped outside a middle-school classroom on four occasions.

The incidents started on September 6, when someone reported feces outside the door of classroom 469 at Fort King Middle School in Ocala.

On September 14, someone phoned in another fresh bowel movement outside classroom 469 -- this time with a note.

Another poo pile and note were found again -- of course, outside classroom 469 -- on September 27.

On October 7, Fort King Middle School officials called the cops -- feces outside room 469. That's when the cops went public looking for the guy.

Ocala.com managed to acquire footage of the man, allegedly Sarsony, actually bringing a roll of toilet paper with him to do the deed outside room 469.

The Gainesville Sun says the cops received two phone calls identifying the perpetual pooper, and when police went to confront Sarsony at work, they say he was wearing the same outfit as seen in the surveillance footage. According to the Sun, police say Sarsony explained that he was taking dumps at a middle school because he was in "bad spirits."

Police say they're charging Sarsony with five counts of trespassing on school property.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Sarsony has since been released from jail after posting $2,500 bond.

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