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Kiddy Parties Led To Mom's Death Spiral?

Well, I sort of breezed by Jennifer Mooney Piedra's story Sunday about a mother of two from Pembroke Pines who became a drug-addicted prostitute and was found murdered in a ditch near Atlantic City around Thanksgiving time. But it's caused a bit of a ruckus amongst some of the boys and girls in blogland. Seems they didn't cotton to Piedra's idea that the stresses of motherhood might have caused Kim Raffo to become a crack whore. The lede: ---------------------------- Kim Raffo was the picture-perfect mother and housewife.

She helped her two kids with science fair projects, decorated cupcakes for bake sales and volunteered for the PTA.

During the holidays, she opened her four-bedroom home in eastern Pembroke Pines to family and friends. She ''went all out'' for the gatherings, serving elaborate homemade meals that would have made Martha Stewart proud, her family said.

For her daughter's fifth birthday, she transformed her back yard into a petting zoo.

''She was Super Mom,'' said her mother, Joan Daniels, of Miramar. ''People looked at her in awe.''

But soon after she turned 30, the world of the well-liked, stay-at-home mom began to

dissolve. Perhaps it was the continuous round of school trips, the endless birthday parties, the numerous visits to the park.


Hey, if I had to raise my two kids alone and was trying to live up to the Martha Stewart's towering model of domesticity, I'd probably start smoking rock myself. But Florida Cracker ridiculed the idea:

"Then again it could have been the drug-addicted ex-con she started having an affair with and ultimately ran off with. In fact, I think that's just a bit more likely. Not that school trips, birthday parties, and park visits with the kids aren't gateway activities to turning tricks to support a rock habit --I'm sure they're in the top ten--, I'm just saying in this case it was probably the boyfriend's bad influence."

The Florida Masochist chimed in by giving Piedra and the Herald one of his "Knucklehead of the Day" awards, calling the idea "idiotic and insulting." And Stuck on the Palmetto got into the act by lending its moral support to TFM.

Me? I'm just the messenger this time.

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