Kim Rothstein Making Post-Ponzi Public Splash

So Scott Rothstein pleads guilty this morning and his wife, Kim, will be there to stand by his side. Or at least behind him, in the gallery with the media. He'll be shackled before the judge, after all.

Yesterday, as you know, the woman called Kimmie gave a brief and somewhat strange interview to Rothstein favorite Rosh Lowe of Channel 7. Today she'll be at the 9:30 a.m. court hearing. She's even got a P.R. person, one Valerie Zucker, who owns Zucker Public Relations in Fort Lauderdale, doing work for her.

She didn't have an exactly auspicious start yesterday in the TV interview. She was defiant and seemingly evasive, deflecting questions about her marriage with Rothstein by saying, "The truth is that people don't know anything about me. That's that."

She said she still loves Scott, adding that she thinks he "returned to do the right thing." That sounds a whole lot like Rothstein himself.

And she said that she had no way to know her husband was a crook. "He was the CEO of a major law firm, the rainmaker," she answered. "We had at least ten other businesses; what would have me suspect anything? What?" 

Suffice it to say that it looks like those odd-looking blue contact lenses affected her vision. I'll be updating this post after the court hearing.

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Bob Norman
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