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KVJ Show Hosts Moving to Miami Radio Station

The KVJ Show, a popular West Palm Beach morning drive radio show, surprised its huge and loyal audience earlier this week when it announced it would be signing off after 14 years on the air.

The show, hosted by Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki, and Jason Pennington, had been a morning staple throughout Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast on Wild 95.5 FM.

The announcement shocked listeners. Fans, as people tend to do on the internet, took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their angry, angry displeasure.

That news is followed by a report that the KVJ Show is not ending but merely moving to Miami, where a good chunk of their original fans won't be able to listen.

Turns out, the KVJ peeps had been negotiating with the Coast, 97.3 FM, a Miami/Fort Lauderdale station, and seem to have reached a deal.

To quell audience anger, Rolston told listeners that the trio is not abandoning them.

"We're staying in South Florida, and we're simply expanding the show, finding new avenues to deliver the show online and with KVJ TV," he said. "We love South Florida. It's our home."

Problem is, their new station's signal doesn't reach St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

The signal does, however, reach to parts of Palm Beach and Martin counties.

And then Pennington endeared himself to his new South Florida fans by making a LeBron joke. "We're not pulling a LeBron," he said.

The trio took to Twitter to thank fans for their loyalty and reiterated that they're not abandoning them.

They also informed fans that they have multiple options to listen to the show, such as online streaming, iHeartRadio, and iTunes podcasts.

According to Gossip Extra, Rolston, Sinicki, and Pennington plan to keep their homes and families in the Palm Beach area.

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