Lacey Byrd Allegedly Beats Down Husband, Does His Laundry, Drops Out of Riviera Beach City Council Election

So that was fast.

One month after Lacey Byrd, a West Palm Beach fashionista, announced she was running for Riviera Beach City Council, she allegedly thrashed her husband, got tossed in jail for a night, and upon her exit last Saturday immediately dropped out of the race.

"After careful consideration, I have decided to respectfully resign as a candidate for city council to focus on my family," she wrote on her Facebook wall.

Cool it, Lacey. Your family has had enough of your attention.

Rivera Beach Police -- where Byrd's husband, Russell, once worked -- got a call after midnight that shit was going down at the Byrd household. When they got there, they realized Byrd had pummeled her husband after he'd apparently returned home late after a midnight sojourn to McDonald's for a smoothie.

This angered Byrd very much. So much she allegedly threw a few haymakers and then poured bleach all over his clothes.

That's right, Russell! She was so angry at your philandering ass that she did your laundry! All tremble before a woman scorned!

"Based upon the visible evidence it appeared Byrd was the aggressor," said Rose Anne Brown, Rivera Beach police spokesperson.

If Byrd's Twitter account is any indication, it appears this rage wasn't aberrational.


What happened, Russell Byrd told police, was that he'd gone to buy a smoothie at McDonald's. And then, while he was gone, Lacey blew up his phone with texts.

When he got home, the beatdown commenced, Russel told police.

Lacey, meanwhile, said her husband had strangled her, dragged her outside, and piled mud into her mouth.

Lacey Byrd didn't return phone calls Monday afternoon.

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Terrence McCoy