Lack of Voters Means a Short Wait for Election Returns; Stay Tuned for Updates

We've had server problems today, but I'm told that they've been mostly resolved, minus the comments field. UPDATE: Totally not resolved, it turns out. The server acted up shortly after this post, meaning we couldn't get back online to post updates. Sorry about that.

The most interesting race to watch this evening is in the Republican primary for governor, where Rick Scott and Bill McCollum figure to battle long into the night. The Democratic primary for U.S. senator probably won't be as tight, since Jeff Greene has wilted in August. The Republican primary for state rep in District 91 might be close, between David Maymon and George Moraitis. Justin Flippen has incumbent Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed worried about keeping her state House seat. 

A few Broward County races to watch: Whether political machine-backed Angelo Castillo will hold off hard-charging Barbara Sharief for District 8 county commissioner and a wild race in District 9, where Dale Holness and Al C. Jones have taken a slight early lead after early returns.

I'll update with fresh returns and analysis, after the jump.

9:15 The political career of Jeff Greene appears to be over. Meek won much more comfortably than was expected. Poor Greene will have to go back to cruising the world on a yacht filled with celebrities and hookers. 

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