Lake Worth Commish Actually Squeaky Fromme?

Lake Worth Blogger Lynn Anderson finds an uncanny resemblance between Squeaky Fromme, who was released from prison last week after serving 39 years of a life sentence for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford, and our own activist city commissioner, Lake Worth's Cara Jennings, currently serving her own four-year sentence as a Lake Worth elected official. Here's a snippet of Anderson's hyper-logical reasoning:

Any of you who are over 40 remember her. Lynette Fromme got released from prison yesterday. While reading some of her history, I could not help but notice that there are similarities to our own well-known activist here in Lake Worth, Cara Jennings. I am talking about the choices they make. Cara's activism seems to be intensifying. Is this not the same thing minus the gun and minus a President? Sometimes good intentions just go too far.

Anderson elaborates on the slippery slope that leads from activism, particularly public protest of the sort Jennings has been known to participate in, to violent overthrow of the government. Apparently a little bit of the First Amendment goes a long way for Anderson; you get that first whiff of free speech and... before you know it, you're an activism junkie who'll stop at nothing.

We here at the Juice have noticed other creepy similarities between Fromme and Jennings: They both have sort of reddish brown hair. They both have freckles. They both have hazel eyes. So except that Jennings doesn't own a gun or have any intention of shooting a president, we say Anderson may be on to something.

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