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LaMarca Resigns, Will Run Against Keechl

Sometimes local politics can be scintillating. This is one of those times.

Broward County GOP Chair Charles John "Chip" LaMarca said this morning that he is resigning his position with the party to run against Mayor Ken Keechl.

OK, not exactly. LaMarca, who is also a Lighthouse Point commissioner, told me is resigning his position to "explore" a run against Keechl. There are a few formalities to iron out, but you can mark it down: LaMarca will square off against the mayor, and it will be a political cage match. In his news release this morning announcing his resignation and plan to run against Keechl, LaMarca already made an allusion to Keechl's dubious campaign spending.

"Broward residents are upset, and they should be," he said in the release. "At a time when the County Commission should be focused on reducing government and expanding our economy, some Commissioners are more concerned with abusing their political position for personal gain. Elected office is about public service, not personal enrichment. The residents of Broward County deserve better."

This is a race we'll be watching closely -- and I think it's going to be a close race. It's like Sean Hannity squaring off against Rip Taylor.

LaMarca, as the beginning of the quote above indicates, is a Republican from central casting. To get to know him, check out his Twitter page. It gives you some more details. For instance, LaMarca's favorite TV show is Entourage on HBO. He thinks Mario Diaz-Balart is a "great American" and is a big Newt Gingrich fan. He's a heart-on-the-sleeve Christian (on Easter, he tweeted, "HE has risen... Alleluia!").  He says things like, "Blaming Bush is so

last decade!" He's a Dallas Cowboys fan. He likes Michael Bublé. His Twitter name is ChipsterFL.  

LaMarca's last tweet came on Wednesday: "This is going to get 'interesting!'"

Couldn't agree more.  

A couple of other quick morning thoughts (if you don't like sports, you can stop reading now):

-- I'm loving Jorge Cantu. In fact, I've always loved Cantu; he's one of those clutch players that I want to see every pitch when he's at bat. Last year, New Times named him Best Marlin, and he would have had a monster season without the nagging injuries, but he still pulled 100 RBI. This season, he's on pace to get about 240 RBI. Of course, that won't happen, but it's fun to say after ten games. The guy's RBI streak to start the season represents something that hasn't happened in the major league since 1920.

-- The Sun-Sentinel asks the question in a headline: "Hyde: Can Marshall Be the Fun Diva South Florida Needs?" My answer to that question is: "Shut the fuck up."

What the Dolphins need is a big-time receiver, and in Brandon Marshall, I'm pretty sure they got one. The guy is as physical and talented a receiver as you'll see, which is why Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are both licking their lips in anticipation of the way Marshall will soften defenses for them. But "diva"? Let's hope not. Here's a piece of Dave Hyde's column:

"Am I a diva?" Brandon Marshall asked to a question.

Please, please, please, I thought, let him say yes.

"Not at all,'' he said.

This is what South Florida needs to brighten the sports landscape, of course. At least us writers do. And he must be on a team that's important such as the Dolphins so every day becomes a matter of taking his temperature and measuring everyone's mood by.

I think I know what Hyde is trying to say despite the fact that last part isn't quite written in English. Note to Marshall: Just play football. And stay as far away from Dave Hyde as possible.

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