Lamont Mayweather Arrested in Golf Course Murder; Cops Still Trying to Identify Shooter

Lamont Mayweather has been identified by the Broward Sheriff's Office as one of two men involved in a January murder on a Deerfield Beach golf course.

Lataurus Randall, 35, was golfing with his cousin in Deerfield Beach on January 13 when two armed men wearing masks popped out of some bushes near the 17th hole and started demanding money, the sheriff's office says.

Randall was shot in the back by one of the men before they both ran away into a neighborhood, and Randall died at a hospital the morning after the shooting.

According to the arrest affidavit, Mayweather, 25, has been charged in Randall's murder, while police are still trying to figure out who actually shot him.

The day after the shooting, police say investigators canvassed the neighborhood the two men ran into, and residents said they'd heard the shooting was done by a gang known as the "Allwood Boyz" and dropped the names of several people, including Mayweather.

Randall's cousin, who was with him during the shooting, told the cops he didn't know either of the men, although Randall had mentioned to his brother it was the "Allwood Boyz" before he died, according to the report.

On January 25, though, Randall's cousin called the cops from a convenience store, saying he thought he just saw one of the men who killed his cousin.

The men were wearing masks during the murder, but Randall's cousin said he was pretty sure he'd just seen the guy.

Eventually, the cops got a hold of the surveillance video of the encounter. The man was "acting nervous" and kept covering his face, either with his arm or a magazine, police say.

On April 5, Mayweather was arrested for an unrelated armed robbery. After being identified as the man from the surveillance video, police allowed Randall's cousin to speak with Mayweather to hear what his voice sounded like.

On a scale of one to ten, police say Randall's cousin was "eleven and a half" sure that Mayweather was one of the men who killed his cousin, based on his voice and stature.

Meanwhile, all of the other people questioned denied any involvement to police. One man, Charles Moye, still remains a "person of interest" in the case, according to the BSO.

The names of two other people whom police believe may have been involved in the murder are redacted from the police report, and only their street names are given -- "Doom" and "Booty mouth."

Yes, "Booty mouth."

According to the police report, Mayweather, Moye, "Doom," and "Booty mouth" were all spotted arguing with one another on a front lawn in the neighborhood shortly after the murder.

Another witness, who went to the Florida Barber Academy with Mayweather, told police that Mayweather "absolutely" was not in school on the day of the shooting but met him after school the day of the shooting, when Mayweather told him, "We done fucked up. Bro done fucked, we done fucked up," the report states.

Mayweather didn't elaborate on that statement, and the witness didn't find out about the shooting until after that.

Based on the convincing belief of Randall's cousin that Mayweather was the man at the golf course, along with the fact that Mayweather was seen in the argument at the house, didn't go to school that day, gave police a different story as to his whereabouts, and made the "fucked up" comment, police arrested Mayweather on the murder charge, the report states. Police note that "street sources" also helped out but wouldn't provide formal statements due to the fear of being labeled "snitches."

As for Moye, the cops are still looking into him.

The report states that there was an ongoing feud between Randall and Moye and that Moye told at least two people on the day of the murder, "Today, I'm gonna take down the biggest nigga in Deerfield and that's T-Randall," adding that he was going to "take T-Randall out."

According to one witness, Randall's brother told her while he was at the hospital that he thought "Charles" had shot him.

Mayweather's being held in the Broward County Jail without bond.

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