Lantana-Based White Rights Group Says It's Not Racist, Really; It's Just Lookin' Out for Whitey

The American Association of White Americans is using the election of the first black president to tell the country a few things about its American organization of Americans. In America. In two open letters addressed to the "Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Senate Wash, DC," the Lantana-based association declares that it has "no affiliation with the Arian [sic] Brotherhood or "White Supremist" [sic] groups or organizations." Then again, it sure sounds like there might be some overlap, considering that the next line promises "That the American Assn. of White Americans will work legally and honestly for the greater good of the white American population and our children in America."

Fend for yourselves, people of color! In America.

We would link you to the website, but it doesn't exist. Nor is there a registered nonprofit by that name. Nor a registered Florida corporation. And because the name is redundant, we checked twice.

The American Association of White Americans added its congratulations to president-elect Obama, noting that the first things its members would like him to do are: 1) Stop the war in Iraq. 2) Develop alternative energy sources. 3) Lower gas prices. 4) Give the bailout money back to taxpayers. 5) Secure our own borders. 6) Increase Social Security benefits. 7) Fix the health care system.

It does not mention whether the new black president should perform these superhuman feats strictly for advancement of the white race. Maybe Barack will call them for clarification.

-- Michael J. Mooney

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