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Larry Johnson, Former Dolphins Running Back, Is a DJ at Tootsie's Cabaret

Former Miami Dolphin running back Larry Johnson is now a DJ at Tootsie's.

Well, he was a Miami Dolphin for a preseason and really made his name as a Kansas City Chief. But still.

The point is, he's now a DJ at Tootsie's, the same place where Aaron Hernandez reportedly hung out before he allegedly shot his friend Alexander Bradley in the face.


Johnson signed with the Dolphins in August 2011 but was cut before the regular season started. Since then, he's moved to Miami and gotten in trouble with the law a few times, including choking out a girlfriend of his.

According to TMZ, Johnson has been spotted a few times at the strip club as a DJ, although he's not the main DJ.

Multiple TMZ strip club sources... yeah, we got those (a lot of those)... tell us Johnson has been spotted manning the DJ booth at Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami several times this year.

We're told Johnson isn't the main DJ -- but every now and then, he'll take over the booth for a quick guest set... and the crowd loves it.

Johnson says he's focused on staying out of trouble and glad to be back in Florida, where he can raise his young daughter.

A job at a strip club that's had its run-ins with bad dudes sounds like a legit choice for a true turnaround.

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