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Last-Second Gifts Ten Broward Cities Need This Christmas

By now you've undoubtedly made your Christmas list, but with less than a week until Christmas Day, it's time to check it twice. Did you forget anyone? Maybe your brother-in-law? What about your friend from work? How about your friend's Mom, who always gives you something? What about your city?

Your city? Yeah, your city.

Every town in Broward could use a little something this Christmas. Here are a few last-second gift ideas for the cities around Broward County that definitely don't have it all.

1. Coconut Creek

Feeling as if you've forgotten Coconut Creek this holiday season? Well, give it the gift that keeps on giving: better traffic. Coconut Creek is a wonderful place full of diverse people and great places to shop and eat, but if there is one thing that is the downfall of this great town, it's the fact that you can get stuck at the same rapidly changing stoplight for 45 minutes.

We love Coconut Creek; we just hate driving through Coconut Creek. It's a terrible place to find yourself during rush hour. Maybe some wider roads or fewer stoplights in some places would help. Fix this, Santa.

2. Coral Springs

Coral Springs has just about everything you could ask for in the way of grocery stores and restaurants, but the fast-food options are extremely limited. Outside of the usual suspects, there really isn't anything exciting. Coral Springs could really use a Sonic or Carl's Jr. to liven things up. Not everyone wants to eat an organic, farm-raised grilled chicken breast from Whole Foods for lunch, you know.

Sometimes, you need to give people the gifts they would never buy themselves, and we feel fairly certain in saying Coral Springs isn't in any rush to build a Krispy Kreme any time soon.

3. Dania Beach

Dania Beach is cool and all, but there are some negatives that we just can't ignore. This holiday season is our chance to get the city what we think it needs without embarrassing it. If you've been to Dania Beach in the last few years, you know that it's barely a beach anymore. It's borderline creeping us out. It's not a place to be after dark. What we should get Dania Beach this year is some upgrades to the Quarterdeck on the pier and some damn lights near the beach so we don't feel like we're about to be on The First 48 every time we go there after 5 p.m.

4. Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach has given us all so much over the years. Isn't it time we give back a little this holiday season? Deerfield Beach could definitely use some more excitement near the ocean that caters to the younger crowd and the retirees at the same time, so how about we get them a World of Beer by the beach? If there is one thing that would bring all ages of Deerfieldites together, it's high-ABV beers.

It's time to give Deerfield Beach some things that would help make it a destination city in Broward for things other than the beach.

5. Fort Lauderdale

For all that makes Fort Lauderdale such a wonderful city, it's still missing a few things that could really take it up a notch. One of the things that is missing is reportedly on it's way to the area, so it might actually be Fort Lauderdale's Christmas gift next year: a Wawa. Anyone that has been to a Wawa knows that sprinkling them all around Fort Lauderdale would be a perfect fit. If the rumors are true and Fort Lauderdale gets a Wawa in 2017, Santa will have answered our wishes.

6. Margate

Looking for that last-minute holiday gift idea for the city of Margate? How about a place to go shopping? Literally, any place to go shopping. Margate isn't all that big, but for those living there, it must be a chore to buy anything. Hell, they only have one Publix. Sure, Margate can go use other people's stuff, but when does it get something of its own? It must really feel like the middle child of South Florida.

Margate is in need of a little makeover, and a good place to start would be to add some new infrastructure that has, like, new paint on it and stuff. We need to cheer up Margate this holiday season.

7. Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is a tremendous city and a place Broward should be proud of. What it's missing, though, is a place for high school kids to blow off some steam. It's a great place to raise a family, but Pembroke Pines really needs a Dave & Buster's or a Boomers. There are plenty of places to shop and lots of parks and beautiful places to enjoy the South Florida weather in Pembroke Pines, but it seems to be lacking some good ol' clean nightlife for younger people who aren't able to pull up a barstool. After all, Christmas is about the children, right?

8. Plantation

Plantation is sort of the flyover state of Broward County. There really isn't much there that people from other towns find themselves driving miles to get to. This Christmas, we could change that by building Plantation a destination: a promenade, an entertainment complex with an IMAX, a courtyard surrounded by restaurants and bars like Mizner Park, or anything else that might draw in people from other towns.

9. Sunrise

You know what? Sunrise is actually pretty nice. It has Sawgrass Mills, a professional hockey team, nice housing, and an overall beautiful city. The problem is nobody knows it. Sunrise needs better public relations — it's a great place! Maybe we can start a GoFundMe page where everyone can chip in and buy Sunrise a PR person or, at the very least, an intern who's good at social media.

10. Tamarac

Are you a loved one of Tamarac who is out of gift ideas? Well, I have the perfect idea for you: a shopping mall. Tamarac is practically one big strip mall — everywhere you go, there is a plaza filled with a Ross, a Publix or Winn Dixie, and a La Granja. Isn't it time we hooked Tamarac up with a real indoor shopping center where kids go to meet Santa?

Tamarac isn't tiny, and it has a lot of retirees who would love nothing more than a closer place to buy their grandkids Christmas presents. Coral Square is miles down University for most, and Sawgrass Mills is even farther. This Christmas, Florida should buy Tamarac a shopping mall that would make next Christmas much easier on its residents.
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