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Lauderdale Couple's Shopping "Spree" No Splurge

When even criminals value frugality, you know the economy has truly hit bottom.

Lauderdale friends Timothy Seamore and Sebrina Smith allegedly went on a shopping spree in Palm Beach County yesterday, passing forged checks and using stolen credit cards. But the couple's retail choices were so thrifty, they might have passed for some middle-class couple struggling within the confines of a tight family budget.

Seamore and Smith didn't head straight for Las Olas or Worth Avenue; they didn't load the car full of Hermes scarves and Fendi bags, with high-tech gadgets and Rolexes.

Instead, they left a decidedly downmarket trail from Toys 'R' Us in Boca, to Wal-Mart and Kohl's and another Toys 'R' Us in Boynton, then back to a gas station in Boca.

Police arrested the couple in a parking lot where they were supposedly scoping out cars to steal. More likely, they were just sitting there bickering about whether to spend the last of their forged checks at the Dollar Store or Marshall's.

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