Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Fired -- With Attitude (Video Included)

Lauderdale Lakes City Commissioner Gloria Lewis had some attitude to give before ousting City Manager Anita Fain Taylor last week -- including a rip on Ray Charles and blind three-legged dogs.

Apparently not a fan of Lauderdale Lakes' $9 million budget deficit or still owing millions of dollars to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Commissioner Lewis took it upon herself to deliver the enlightening tirade against Taylor.

Before the commission had even called for a vote, Taylor knew she was on the way out -- saying it was the first time she had hoped the "rapture" had come true.

The commissioners unanimously gave Taylor the boot, but Lewis' rant far outshined the actual firing.

Here are some of the gems you can expect from the video:

"That was a motion to move of... of... what I just said, mayor."

"Come on now, Ray Charles can see between the lines."

"Right about now, a three-legged blind dog can come here and run this city."

"DON'T say the word L-I-E, but we're getting too much fabricating coming to us as commissioners, and I don't like it."

It's hard to make a $9 million budget deficit hilarious, but Lewis succeeded.

Check out the video from the Sun-Sentinel below:

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