Lauderdale Lakes Man Shot Over Loud Music

A man was shot and killed at a Lauderdale Lakes apartment complex at Whispering Pines, 4530 NW 36 street by an off-duty security guard early Thursday morning, according to police.

The apparent reason?

The man was playing his music too loudly, according to Broward Sheriff's Office spokesperson, Keyla Concepcion.

The man was sitting in his car in the parking lot of the complex listening to music when two off-duty security guards, who were returning to the complex after "a night out," walked up to him.

One of the guards asked the man to turn down the music, which led to a confrontation.

Things apparently quickly escalated and one of the security guards shot the man, according to Concepcion.

By the time BSO deputies arrived on the scene, the man was dead.

Back in December, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the law that prohibited people from playing music loudly in their vehicles was unconstitutional and a violation of free speech rights.

Of course, either way, security guards shouldn't be going around shooting people unless someone's life is in danger.

Neither the victim nor the security guards have been identified.

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