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Lauderdale Lakes Shooting: Ten Injured, Two Killed, Including Gunman

An argument at a Lauderdale Lakes bar early this morning led to 12 people being shot, two of whom died, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The BSO's Dani Moschella tells New Times they got a call at 3:19 a.m. about a shooting at the South Rock Lounge Bar & Grill, described as "a popular but typically peaceful Caribbean strip mall bar."

The gunman allegedly pulled out a gun on an unarmed man during an argument, when one of the bar's private security guards pulled out his gun and ordered the man to drop his, police say.

He didn't drop the gun, and both of the men ended up firing shots, cops say.

It's not yet clear who shot whom, but the result was not a good one -- both the bar patron who pulled the gun and the unarmed man he was arguing with died, and another ten were hit with gunshots, according to police.

The unarmed man died inside of the bar, while the gunman died later at Broward General Hospital.

Of the ten bystanders shot -- all adults -- one woman is described as having critical injuries, while the other nine were being treated at various hospitals with injuries that police say aren't life-threatening.

The security guard who the cops say fired shots in the bar was uninjured.

The BSO says as people were running from the bar, they were "trailing blood into the parking lot."

Cops are still trying to figure out what happened, although two BSO deputies were at the bar when the shooting occurred.

Moschella says the deputies were off-duty but were hired by the bar as security outside the building. She says they were stationed at the front and rear entrances of the bar but did not witness the shooting.

BSO homicide, violent crimes, and crime scene detectives have been interviewing people and collecting evidence this morning, police say, as they're still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

The names of the gunman and the victims will be released later today, Moschella says, so check back with the Pulp for updates.

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