McGuire drove away from one accident, then plowed through the school's fencing a block away, where she was killed.
McGuire drove away from one accident, then plowed through the school's fencing a block away, where she was killed.
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Lauderdale Lakes Woman Dies After Bizarre Attucks Middle School Parking Lot Crash

When Hollywood Police arrived to Attucks Middle School on Saturday afternoon, they found a Dodge four-door rolled over onto its back in the parking lot, the lone victim in the driver's seat. The woman, a 19-year-old from Lauderdale Lakes, had in fact been in another accident just a block away before crashing through the school's perimeter fencing at such a high rate of speed that the Dodge clipped a barrier, causing the truck to go airborne before rolling over in the parking lot. 

In a bizarre sequence of events, Hollywood Police say Briana McGuire had just driven away from the scene of an accident a block east of Attucks Middle around 2 p.m. Saturday. Moments later, McGuire floored the Dodge westbound on SW Fifth Street, investigators determined. She then crossed North 22nd Avenue and plowed through the school's chainlink fence, located at 3500 N. 22nd Ave.

The Dodge kept hurtling through the area, striking the concrete lip that surrounds the grassy area separating the parking lot from the street. The impact of crashing into the concrete caused the Dodge to flip over wheels up, landing roof-first on the ground, police say. 

McGuire was pronounced dead at the scene by Hollywood Fire Rescue. There was no one else in the vehicle, and no other vehicles involved. 

According to police spokesperson Jaime Hernandez, it wasn't immediately known what caused McGuire to drive into the school. Nor is there any information regarding her first accident. 

Reached for information by New Times as to how McGuire ended up in two separate accidents in the same area or if any toxicology reports were available, Hollywood Police Public Information Officer Meredith Elrich said the investigation is ongoing.

We'll update this story as we get more information.

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