Lauderdale Lou Staying Put At Sentinel

The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post have told us of their carnage; this week, it's the Sun-Sentinel's turn.

Several sources have told me that 50 will be laid off in the newsroom, with at least 20 (some say 30) already pretty much done through the voluntary buyout plan.

Trying to round up who will be leaving. I know the venerable Linda Kleindienst is one. Early word was that veteran photographer Lou Toman was going to take the buyout after his 52 years at the newspaper too. But Toman sent word to the Pulp that he's sticking around.

It's a curious decision -- and Toman apparently doesn't want to explain it. Two ways to look at it:

The positive: The newspaper keeps "Lauderdale Lou" -- a fixture in the city (and at the Floridian diner on Las Olas, where's he's known to chat with well-connected friends like Mike Satz) with enough institutional knowledge and high-level sources to make him valuable to the newspaper for years to come.

The negative: A younger newsroomer or two who actually need the job, will have to hit the unemployment line because a dinosaur photog who has seen his best days and probably should retire is selfishly holding onto his job.

Both are true, so it really depends on how you see it. While you ponder this conundrum, check out Lou's blog, Lauderdale Lou. The man has been around (love that LBJ shot). Includes this shot of the young and old Lou:

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