Lauderdale Man Lives to Tell of Suicide by Housefire

Around 3 this morning, Fort Lauderdale firefighters responded to a blaze at a bungalow along 729 SW 15th Avenue. According to the Police Department's release:

As smoke and flames were bellowing [sic] from the residence, three officers saw a man inside.

They broke a window, gained entry and brought the man to safety.

During the rescue, the man indicated to the officers that he wanted to die and in fact used dangerous chemicals to start the fire.

The fire claimed the life of a dog and risked the life of the firefighters, who were hospitalized after investigators learned that the man used hazardous chemicals to start the fire. Those firefighters appear uninjured, but this is still the most wrongheaded suicide attempt in recent memory. The man with a death wish has not been named.


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