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Lauderdale Woman's Dangerous Social Experiment Now Officially Under Way; Romanced by New Times Reader

She's going through with it. Fort Lauderdale newcomer Claudia has embarked on her own version of The Bachelorette, vowing to go on 30 dates in 30 days before she turns 30, a courageous mission we first told you about last month.

It began inauspiciously when Date No. 1 just cold stood her up. But Claudia scooped up a supportive male friend, headed to Duffy's in Fort Lauderdale, and mended her broken heart with some Sam Adams Summer Ale. Cheers!

Fortunately, Date No. 2 made good on his promise and was deemed "really handsome." But she really hit the jackpot with Date No. 3: Michael, a 27-year-old who reads the Juice and is obviously a great American.

Michael took Claudia to the kind of location you would expect from a Juice reader: a bar with a two-for-one special. Specifically, T-Mex Cantina in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

In her post-date recap, Claudia declared Michael to be "easy on the eyes" and credited him with being "such a gentleman."

Well done, Michael! I guess you get a rose, or whatever, and a chance at a second date in oh... September? After Claudia's endured 28 other first dates.

No way you can make it that long, Claudia. But if you do, then you're officially the female David Blaine.

You can follow Claudia's progress on her Twitter page, here.

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Thomas Francis