Lauderdale's Scottie Pippen to Avoid a Jordanesque Debacle in Hall Speech

At the end of this weekend's interview of former Chicago Bulls Star Scottie Pippen, he's asked about whether he's prepared his Hall of Fame induction speech. "I think I'll call my guy Michael Jordan up," he began -- a moment when all basketball fans should have held their breath or said, "No!!" Because we all remember what a disaster Jordan's speech was, right?

But Scottie was just pulling our leg. He'd call up Jordan, "try to find who he used to help do his speech -- and make sure I don't use him."

Good plan, Scottie. In another interview this weekend with the Orlando Sentinel, Pippen said he'd be interested in a front-office job some time in the future. Might be a good idea for him to use the same approach: Find out what Jordan did with the front office of the Washington Wizards, then don't do that.

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Thomas Francis