Lawyer: Political Operative Bev Stracher Cooperating, Has Immunity

her attorney, Eric Schwartzreich.

-- Did you hear the jousting match between radio talk-show host and former Miami Dolphin Jimmy Cefalo and Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter regarding the $610,000 worth of artwork approved for the new courthouse that nobody wanted?  

Cefalo says the conversation went south after Ritter made a "personal attack" against him by referring to him as a former football player and thereby implying that he was dumb (and had possibly been struck too many times in the head). But the point where the interview really went downhill was as soon as Ritter opened her mouth. She immediately came out with the scurrilous argument that the public didn't vote down this particular courthouse idea.

The sportscaster tried to interject some common sense.

"Overall the public did vote down the idea of a new courthouse, correct?" he asked Ritter, who kept playing her word games.

"You think it's funny degrading people," Cefalo told Ritter at one point.

"You have a very thin skin; maybe you should grow a thicker one," Ritter said later. "Like me."

I have a feeling she's going to need all the skin she's got as the criminal investigations into her activities progress.

Hear the full interview inside.

Hat tip to Red Broward for the heads-up.  

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