Lawyers Aim to Force Rothstein Firm Into Bankruptcy

Attorneys Jeffrey Sonn and John Genovese filed a petition to force the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler firm into involuntary bankruptcy. A hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow.

​The largest investor in the motion is the aforementioned socialite Bonnie Barnett, who plunked a half million dollars into the scheme and whose son, Andy Barnett, worked for Rothstein helping to entice investors. Also named in the motion are Aran Development, which claims to have lost $345,000 in the structured settlement investment scheme, and Universal Legal, which is allegedly owed $7,800 for recruiting and staffing services, according to documents emailed to the Pulp from a source called "Deep Throat."

Here's a link to the 50-page emergency motion. I honestly didn't have a chance to read it yet, but& it looks like there's some interesting info in there.

I'll leave you with this quote from Rothstein when I walked into his office for an interview more than a year ago. It's just so weird reading it today on his Wikipedia page (thanks to the poster in comments below who put up the link):

"This is where the evil happens. Look, I sleep in the bed I make. I tend toward the flashy side, but it's a persona. It's just a fucking persona.... "People ask me, 'When do you sleep?' I say I'll sleep when I'm dead. I'm a true Gemini. I joke around that there are 43 people living in my head and you never know what you're going to get. There are some philanthropists in there, some good lawyers, and I like to think some good businessmen. There are also some guys from the streets of the Bronx that stay hidden away until I need them.

"You get anger from people... 'that prick from the Bronx.' They say I'm building the law firm too fast, that it must be a house of cards."

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