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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Tag-Team the Lakers 107-97

LeBron James has  demonstrated such deity-like powers lately, the pope said, "Ah fuck it. I quit."

Throughout his career as an indomitable nard-crushing baller, LeBron has repeatedly demonstrated his astonishing ability to cock-punch his opponents unconscious while simultaneously lighting them on fire with every shot and dunk.

And yet, he's never had a stretch like the one he's currently having.

In the past week, LeBron has shot a total of 65 times and has made 49 of those shots.

When a reporter told him this after the Heat's 107-97 dismantling of the Lakers, LeBron quipped, "Shit, that's pretty good."

Shit, indeed, LeBron. Pretty good.

Against the Lakers, he was pretty good too.

LeBron was simply a vicious, World Peace-killing scourge on the basketball court, going 12-for-18 and dropping 32 points -- his fifth straight 30-plus-point performance, which is now a Miami Heat franchise record.

His all-world efficiency obliterated the Lakers defense, and every trip to the basket was a cataclysmic event in which he turned Steve Nash into a pile of burnt ashes and bones and swooped by defenders with his first step onto rim-wrecking dunks so fast that Meta World Peace now allows LeBron to call him Ronnie.

Lost in all the LeDominance was the fact that Dwyane Wade was busy destroying the Lakers too. He brought an uncanny energy he usually reserves for when after someone says he has lost a step. Wade went 12-for-18 too and dropped 30 points, none nastier than his vicious bone-crackling dunk on Dwight Howard late in the third quarter that signaled the arrival of the end for L.A.

Before the season began, everyone assumed the Lakers would seriously challenge the Heat for the league's crown. But in every game the two teams have played, it's been all LeBron and all Miami.

Yesterday, LeBron finally put an end to all the nonsense by decapitating any hope the Lakers had of that notion and threw the body overboard.

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