LeBron James Asks for a WWE Championship Belt for His Birthday; The Rock Responds

Today is LeBron James' 29th birthday.

And, what does a man who has won four MVP awards, two NBA Finals MVP awards, back-to-back championships, and Olympic gold medals and is basically the greatest basketball player on Earth want for his birthday?

Why, a pro wrestling championship belt, of course!

And the WWE's biggest stars are apparently eager to get him what he wants.

The whole thing began when LeBron watched the Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy do a postgame interview on Sunday after his team slammed LeBron's Dallas Cowboys. McCoy did the interview with one of those belts flung over his shoulder, like he had just pinned Andre the Giant for the world title.

So LeBron took to Twitter to express his birthday wish:

Not long after that, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson replied to LeBron's tweet and told him he'd get James a belt. He also said he'd get back to him offline.

Because this is serious shit. *arches one eyebrow*

Then 14-time wrestling champ John Cena -- the guy who does that hand-wave thing in front of his face in celebration -- tweeted out a video he made for LeBron.

Cena apparently shot the video in the middle of a high school football field in the middle of the night, or something. Either way, he also promises LeBron a belt. We're not sure why he couldn't just write it instead of making a video, but we're no 14-time champ, so what do we know?

LeBron has yet to respond publicly to either The Rock or Cena.

Maybe he did privately?

Or maybe he was just kind of fooling around and wasn't really serious about the belt.

Either way, happy birthday to LeBron James, who will now be receiving two belts from two different people for his birthday. Just like your dad!

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