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LeBron James Bought the Heat WWE Championship Belts

In case you weren't aware, the Miami Heat are just better than every other basketball team on the planet.

Not just because they've been to the NBA Finals three years in a row, and won the Finals two years in a row. And not just because they have Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. And not just because they have the greatest basketball player in the Universe in LeBron James.

But because they're fun.

Last year, the Heat blew up the internet with their own rendition of the Harlem Shake.

And this year seems to be an awesome free for all, like on Wednesday, when LeBron bought the whole team WWE-syle championship belts.

Also, D-Wade rapped a song called My Heatles.

See also: Miami Heat Harlem Shake. Oh Yes.

For his birthday this past December, LeBron openly asked for a WWE championship belt after he saw Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy do a postgame interview with one.

Both The Rock and John Cena responded on Twitter, and eventually hooked James up with a belt.

And then on Wednesday, LeBron Instagramed a photo of his teammates posing with the belts he got them.

As SB Nation points out, each of the players seem to have their own pose in homage to a specific wrestler:

A few people are going with the belt over the shoulder, as currently seen used by such contemporaries as Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, but then you've got Dwyane Wade going crossed-arms like Mr. Perfect, Chris Bosh reenacting the anachronistic Bret Hart single-hand belt-raise, Birdman doing "generic create-a-wrestler wins title belt" and at least a couple of guys who have clearly never seen wrestling and/or a belt before.

Not long after the belts pic was put out there for all the world to behold, D-Wade video recorded himself rapping "My Heatles, my Heatles" and then posted that on Instagram as well:

No doubt that whatever lingering remnant of the Heat Haterz out there are pissing and moaning about these two Instagram posts.

But, really, at this point, Heat hatred is just a sad, pathetic thing to behold.

No matter what your feelings for LeBron and the Heat, you have to admit that this team is just a fun bunch.

At the very least, you wish your co-worker bought you a WWE championship belt. DON'T YOU DENY IT.

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