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LeBron James Exploded on the Rockets Last Night

We've seen it before.

And yet, every time he does it, it's like witnessing a supernova in person for the very first time.

It may take some work to grapple with LeBron's awesomeness. Breaking down his game might be counterintuitive. Only because, even though we think we've seen this kind of game before, we really haven't.

Our asymptotic approach to James' game is elusive. As elusive as the Houston Rockets' hopes of pulling off the win over the Heat last night, even after dropping an insane amount of three-pointers. They had the win in their hands.

And then, LeBron happened.

LeBron's greatness is always present. Always finding vast new oceans of undiscovered possibilities.

In other words, LeBron James is friggin' awesome.

The Rockets came roaring back after a lethargic first quarter. At one point, the Heat held a 22-5 lead.

But Houston is notoriously aggressive, and when they start hitting their shots, are insanely dangerous to contend with. Led by James Harden and Omer Asik, the Rockets began to let it rain. Their inside-outside onslaught overwhelmed Miami, and made them look disheveled and wrecked. The Heat's defense had no answer, and their offense was grounded by Houston's quick-strike thunderbolt offense.

The second half was more of the same. Every three pointer attempted by Houston seemed to drop. It was one of those nights where you just knew anyone in a Rockets uniform could just chuck a ball into the air, from anywhere on the court, and it would somehow magically find its way into the basket.

Ass hurting offensive onslaught by those Rockets.

But then, the second half came. 

And LeBron James happened.

LeBron poured down a season-high 38 points in this game -- 32 of them in the second half, including five three pointers. 

And, with 19 seconds remaining in the game, the Rockets faithful rowdy, the Rockets players not missing shots, LeBron swallowed what at that point had been an infuriating game by the Heat, drove the lane like a freight train, gently laid in the basketball, ripped the lead back from Houston, and shit out a perfectly sculpted golden statuette of a Cherub.

When the Rockets had a chance for a game-winning shot, they gave the ball to their best player -- Harden. Which meant, the Heat went with LeBron on defense.

Harden had a clean look, but zero chance of making the shot against LeBron's octopus defense.

The shot missed badly.

Heat take the 113-110 road win.

LeBron James is a devourer of worlds.

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