LeBron James' Face Plastered Around Miami Boys and Girls Club

The Decision ESPN special that heralded LeBron James' move from Cleveland to Miami last summer highlighted two sides of the NBA superstar: his ego, and his generosity.

Although it inspired ridicule and resentment in many longtime fans, the one-hour show also raised $3 million for charity, according to USA Today. So it's fitting that when James began distributing that money, both his ego and philanthropy were still on display.

Last month, James dropped by the Northwest Boys & Girls Club in Miami to celebrate his foundation's gift of new computers, a renovated gym, a new roof, and furniture to the club. The kids loved meeting him, of course, and his donations certainly went to a good cause. But a volunteer who worked at the club a couple

of weeks later noted that James also left an unmistakable trail.

There were life-sized cut-out pictures of him in the gym. Rooms were sponsored by LeBron, and there were ads for his furniture line, HomeCourt, on the walls. "It was all over," says Rebecca Meiser, who was volunteering at the club while visiting from James' hometown of Cleveland.

Modesty and charity don't always go hand in hand, it seems. And anyway, what Miami kid wouldn't want to see the superstar's face plastered on every corner?

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